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Profile Chiyomaru Kokonoe
8-7 178.0cm 176.3kg 28.4y
Down Juryo 1 Up Daiamami Oitekaze
6-9 185.0cm 167.0kg 26.8y
Profile Takanosho Chiganoura
10-5 181.5cm 128.5kg 24.8y
Up Juryo 2 Up Chiyoshoma Kokonoe
7-8 183.0cm 118.2kg 28.2y
Profile Tokushoryu Kise
8-7 182.0cm 170.6kg 33.1y
Down Juryo 3 Up Wakatakakage Arashio
9-6 180.0cm 115.0kg 24.8y
Profile Yago Oguruma
8-7 187.0cm 172.0kg 25.2y
Down Juryo 4 Up Kiribayama Michinoku
7-8 184.0cm 94.0kg 23.4y
Profile Daishomaru Oitekaze
10-5 175.0cm 153.0kg 28.2y
Up Juryo 5 Up Takanofuji Chiganoura
0-0-15 183.0cm 120.0kg 22.3y
Profile Mitoryu Nishikido
6-9 187.0cm 182.0kg 25.4y
Up Juryo 6 Up Hidenoumi Kise
9-6 184.0cm 156.2kg 30.3y
Profile Kyokushuho Tomozuna
7-8 191.0cm 149.6kg 31.1y
Down Juryo 7 Down Yoshikaze Oguruma
0-0-5 175.0cm 140.3kg 37.5y
Profile Kaisei Tomozuna
9-6 195.0cm 187.8kg 32.8y
Down Juryo 8 Down Tobizaru Oitekaze
6-9 174.0cm 110.0kg 27.4y
Profile Ichiyamamoto Nishonoseki
9-6 186.0cm 126.0kg 25.9y
Up Juryo 9 Up Kyokutaisei Tomozuna
9-6 184.0cm 128.2kg 29.9y
Profile Gagamaru Kise
6-9 185.0cm 202.6kg 32.6y
Down Juryo 10 Down Sokokurai Arashio
8-7 185.0cm 131.6kg 35.7y
Profile Kotonowaka Sadogatake
9-6 186.0cm 147.0kg 21.8y
Up Juryo 11 Down Chiyonoumi Kokonoe
2-13 182.0cm 128.0kg 26.7y
Profile Seiro Shikoroyama
2-7-6 185.0cm 131.2kg 31.1y
Up Juryo 12 Down Ikioi Isenoumi
12-3 194.0cm 157.0kg 32.9y
Profile Irodori Shikoroyama
6-9 179.0cm 131.2kg 27.5y
Up Juryo 13 Kizakiumi Kise
8-7 174.0cm 146.0kg 24.3y
Profile Asagyokusei Takasago
5-10 180.0cm 135.0kg 26.3y
Up Juryo 14 Up Kaisho Asakayama
8-7 177.0cm 120.0kg 24.7y

So, you checked 8 of them? You made the right team? Here we go for the rest of the game!
You've selected 0 rikishi.


Select the Juryo Yusho or a rikishi you think will make a big score - he will count twice for your total of points, so chose the right guy!

Check one rikishi you think will make the lowest score (the most defeats) into a selection of 8 maegashira currently ranked at the bottom 16 of the makuuchi banzuke:
Profile Nishikigi Isenoumi
6-9 184.5cm 149.5kg 29.1y / M13W
Down Low Mae. Up Tsurugisho Oitekaze
10-5 184.0cm 154.0kg 28.2y / M14E
Profile Toyonoshima Tokitsukaze
1-9-5 169.0cm 149.4kg 36.3y / M14W
Low Mae. Up Ishiura Miyagino
8-7 173.0cm 103.6kg 29.7y / M15E
Profile Azumaryu Tamanoi
6-9 192.0cm 147.2kg 32.3y / M15W
Up Low Mae. Up Yutakayama Tokitsukaze
10-5 185.0cm 171.0kg 26.0y / M16E
Profile Tochiozan Kasugano
6-9 189.0cm 154.0kg 32.5y / M16W
Down Low Mae. Down Takagenji Chiganoura
4-11 186.0cm 126.2kg 22.3y / M17E

Check one rikishi you think will make the highest score into a selection of 8 former juryo:
Profile Wakamotoharu Arashio
6-1 185.0cm 127.2kg 25.9y / ms1E
Up Ex- Juryo Down Arawashi Minezaki
2-4-1 184.0cm 122.0kg 33.1y / ms1W
Profile Akua Tatsunami
6-1 181.0cm 162.6kg 28.8y / ms2E
Up Ex- Juryo Up Chiyonoo Kokonoe
3-4 178.0cm 149.6kg 28.3y / ms2W
Profile Ryuko Onoe
0-0-7 180.0cm 126.0kg 21.3y / ms3W
Down Ex- Juryo Down Akiseyama Kise
4-3 183.0cm 172.6kg 34.2y / ms5W
Profile Toyohibiki Sakaigawa
3-4 185.0cm 185.2kg 34.8y / ms10W
Up Ex- Juryo Up Terunofuji Isegahama
6-1 192.0cm 158.5kg 27.8y / ms27E

Check one rikishi you think will make the highest score into a selection of 8 hopes to juryo:
Profile Nishikifuji Isegahama
1-4-2 180.0cm 134.0kg 23.2y / ms3E
Up Juryo Hope Up Midorifuji Isegahama
2-5 168.0cm 91.0kg 23.1y / ms4E
Profile Kototebakari Sadogatake
4-3 188.0cm 144.0kg 20.1y / ms4W
Up Juryo Hope Down Hoshoryu Tatsunami
4-3 185.0cm 107.0kg 20.3y / ms5E
Profile Naya Otake
4-3 188.0cm 166.0kg 19.6y / ms10E
Down Juryo Hope Up Kaito Asakayama
3-4 178.0cm 133.1kg 23.3y / ms11W
Profile Oki Shikoroyama
4-3 182.0cm 153.0kg 23.3y / ms12W
Up Juryo Hope Down Tsukahara Kasugano
5-2 190.0cm 141.0kg 19.9y / ms15E

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